New GPC Inc. is a research-driven pharmaceutical company and recognizes that an active Research and Development Department is the key to maintaining our competitiveness, drive for innovation and ultimately create "new to the company" products of the highest quality. This research and development strategy sets a roadmap with a long term vision for the company to remain a forerunner in pharmaceutical manufacturing in the Caribbean and internationally.

Research at New GPC Inc. includes the development of a variety of pharmaceutical products, including generic drugs, over the counter preparations, topical remedies, household and personal care products, etc.

New products have been a critical part of New GPC Inc.'s growth and are essential to fulfilling our company's mission and have resulted in the development of considerable expertise in formulation development, product and process validation, and analytical chemistry.

Our pharmaceuticals are formulated with ingredients that are tested and approved using United States Pharmacopeia and British Pharmacopeia specifications. Further, these finished formulations are tested to prove its bioequivalence to and yield the efficacy of the innovator and/or branded products on the market.

New GPC Inc has invested greatly over the years in a state of the art laboratory and processing equipment to develop innovative product solutions in various categories of pharmaceutical dosage forms. These investments are in line with the company's goals of being the most innovative in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the Caribbean.