Lot A1 Farm, E.B.D., Guyana




The New GPC Inc. team comprises highly trained professionals in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and other highly valued disciplines. The diverse team works harmoniously to help shape the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing, validation, analytical chemistry, research and innovation locally and regionally.

We've Got You Covered

Team Events

Strong teams are built on strong bonds. Join our team as we bond on Medical Outreaches, Exhibitions and during our friendly interdepartmental competitions.

We Give Back

New GPC Inc. constantly gives back to the community through sports, athletics, medical outreaches and other community activities. 

Work - Life Balance

We believe quality time outside the office is vital to our employees’ satisfaction and performance. That’s why our paid time off plan encourages team members to take time to take care of their personal needs.

Make an Impact

Companies need more scale, impact, and opportunity to change the global landscape. Join us on our mission to change the landscape forever!

Competitive Salary

New GPC Inc. prides itself on rewarding great work with excellent compensation – a package that includes health insurance, paid vacation days, etc.

Challenge & Opportunity

Grow your career through the wide variety of experiences gained at New GPC Inc. Our effective leadership and training (internal and external) programs will guarantee continuous personal and professional growth and development.

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