Lot A1 Farm, E.B.D., Guyana




The Building of a Leader: The Making of a Tradition

The Company’s roots date back to the 1920s when Bookers Drug Store was formed to manufacture the principal proprietary medicines which, up to that time, had all been imported into then, British Guiana.

The Company’s product line quickly expanded to include products such as Limacol and Ferrol, which were immediate successes in local and international markets. Over the years, these and many other Company products became household names in Guyana and throughout the Caribbean.

In the following years, the Company underwent several corporate changes in ownership and name, culminating in its nationalization in 1976 and the establishment of the Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd.

Despite these changes, one characteristic that defined the Company’s reputation was its consistency in manufacturing the highest quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices. In December 1999, according to the Government of Guyana’s Privatization Policy, the Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. was privatized, and the present Company, NEW GPC INC., was formed.

NEW GPC INC. is a private company incorporated under the Companies Act 1991 and which, under its privatization, acquired, among other things, all the assets, including propriety rights to intellectual property, of Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. NEW GPC INC. is a research-driven manufacturing entity with the following core values:

  • Manufacture products of the highest quality.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Highest efficiency production.
  • The maintenance of an unblemished record for safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Harmonious industrial relations.
  • Profitable growth for the benefit of both its shareholders and its employees.
  • Maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with all business partners.
  • Social responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

The Company provides products of internationally recognized standards in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. It satisfies local and overseas demands for ethically produced proprietary generic and over-the-counter products using the latest innovative technology. 

NEW GPC INC. carries on a ninety-year tradition as the Caribbean’s oldest and largest pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter preparations of the highest quality.

NEW GPC INC. is proud to be a significant contributor to the economy and one of the largest companies providing continuous employment.